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Name:Yuca Collabel
Birthdate:Aug 8

Immortality Complex
I want to take you into the future with me.

Yuca Collabel
Immortal Rain

Priest. Scientist. Reincarnating immortal.

Yuca has been around since the birth of this world, and- that living thing? He's pretty tired of it. Tired enough to wipe out humanity so he can stop being born and die for good.

He has lived in Adstringendum for two years as of 09/11/2011.

How's my Driving? // Application // Mun

profile code by [info]pretzels @ [info]seaverse


Icons cropped, edited, and cleaned by me from the manga scans found on Journal format is thanks to [info]_yam_.
Yuca is a character by Kaori Ozaki, I'm not making money, and. uh. This is an rp journal.
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